Men’s Perfect Multi from Purity Products – Vitamins, Minerals and Phytonutrients – Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels and Promotes Energy, Vitality and Stamina – Easy to Swallow – 90 Tablets

✔ NEW and IMPROVED FORMULA: We’ve cut the quantity of pills from 4 to 3 (without cutting fixings!) and covered every one with our high level SlipTech Clean Coat Finish. SlipTech makes a tablet liberated from brutal edges. Every one becomes tricky when it hits the tongue so Men’s Perfect Multi is not difficult to swallow!

Men’s Perfect Multi from Purity Products

✔ BUILT FOR A MAN’S UNIQUE NEEDS: Male science needs extra dietary help in a few key regions including testosterone levels, prostate wellbeing, muscle recuperation, and circulation.* Men’s Perfect Multi tends to every one of these necessities and that’s just the beginning!

✔ SUPPORT HEALTHY TESTOSTERONE LEVELS: With 300 MG of magnesium, 22 mg of licensed OptiZinc, and 5 mg of Boron, Men’s Perfect Multi makes an extraordinary accomplice for sound male T-Levels.* Do other multis even approach?

✔ STAY ENERGIZED and IN SHAPE: Energy Metabolism and Muscle Recovery are critical—so our equation is stacked with high-assimilation MecobalActive Vitamin B12 for energy, key co-factors for muscles and joints, and a designated Circulation Blend for cardio support.*

✔ SUPER-CHARGED WITH CO-FACTORS: Including Lutein for eye and skin wellbeing, additional Chromium for glucose digestion support, Probiotics for stomach related wellbeing, Citrus Bioflavonoids for cell reinforcement force, and Bioperine for upgraded bioavailability.*

Product Description

Assuming You’re Taking a “One-Size-Fits-None” Multivitamin, You Are Missing Out On The Nutrition Your Body Needs…

A man’s wellbeing has explicit natural necessities… and a customary “one-size-fits-none” multivitamin won’t cut it. The present high speed, stress-filled world requests a greater amount of you — and you request more from your multivitamin. In your gut, you realize that assuming you will contend, flourish, and win you need to go past the fundamentals and give your body nourishing help intended to assist you with contending at your solid best.

That is the reason we made Men’s Perfect Multi and loaded it with not just the base sustenance that each man needs, yet with a greater amount of what a man’s body longs for: nutrients for energy and endurance, dietary help for testosterone levels and prostate wellbeing, and a protected plant mix for dissemination to assist with supporting cardiovascular wellbeing and more.* And while Men’s Perfect Multi has a force filled pile of exceptional components, here are the top motivations behind why you should fuel your existence with this on track recipe for men’s wellbeing.

Go haul your customary multivitamin out of the bureau and take a gander at the name. Indeed, you’ll track down the 12 fundamental nutrients and a modest bunch of minerals recorded there. In any case, chances are the dose levels are kept to a base. Also, regardless of whether you are utilizing an as far as anyone knows “focused on” men’s recipe, it probably doesn’t contain the co-factors you get in Men’s Perfect Multi.

Men’s Perfect Multi, in any case, stacks in the fixings. Here you’ll discover 2000 IU of Vitamin D for cardiovascular help, bone mineralization, and prostate health.*

You’ll likewise get a 300 mg of Magnesium, the “cell lead representative” mineral that is significant for solid testosterone levels, muscle recuperation, and a positive mood.*

Men’s Perfect Multi additionally includes Selenium for prostate wellbeing, Chromium Picolinate for glucose assimilation and sugar digestion support, Zinc for regenerative wellbeing, and Quercetin + Citrus Bioflavonoids for added cell reinforcement power.* (See our Key Co-Factors underneath for considerably more eye-popping highlighted fixings!)


Magnesium is an imperative supplement for keeping up with sound testosterone levels, appropriate muscle compressions, dynamic heart wellbeing, a positive mind-set, and solid bones.* In all, this stunning mineral is associated with more than 300 cycles in your body. Lamentably, most multivitamins avoid the magnesium or just put in a modest quantity. Men’ Perfect Multi, be that as it may, doesn’t hold back on the Magnesium, pressing in 300mg of Magnesium for upgraded support.

Spectra Circulation Blend

This deductively adjusted, clinically concentrated on blend of natural products, vegetables, and spices hinders free extreme creation, improve cell movement and increment nitric oxide levels.* Nitric oxide is a critical factor for keeping up with sound flow that will work well for you as you construct fit muscle and recuperate during your post-exercise cooldown .* Plus, Spectra gives cancer prevention agent security to your phones and tissues, which is key at any age!*

Key Co-Factors (FloraGLO Lutein/LactoSpore Probiotic/MecobalActive B12)

While common multivitamins simply cover the fundamentals, Men’s Perfect Multi is the finished bundle for thorough wholesome help. In this way, while a customary multi may utilize engineered cyanocobalamin for Vitamin B12, our equation highlights MecobalActive B12, a clinically tried nature-identical type of methylcobalamin (bioavailable B12) for energy metabolism.* Plus, we incorporate a clinically concentrated on portion of FloraGLO Lutein to furnish vision support alongside intellectual capacity and skin health.* And at last, we finish everything off with protected LactoSpore Probiotics for stomach related health* Don’t agree to less!

About Purity Products

The Purity Principle

Our main goal at Purity Products is to assist you with encountering dynamic, energetic wellbeing. Immaculateness nourishing enhancements mix premium fixings into groundbreaking nutraceuticals that go past standard single-fixing/single-objective enhancements. We don’t sell “nutrients” — we make smart healthful arrangements.


The Purity Promise

Our manufacturing facilities are in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (CgmpS). Everything from raw material handling to bottling  testing0 and labeling, is done in a clean environment free of anything that could compromise product quality.


The Purity Difference

All of our recipes is planned with a reason: to upgrade sound living. We use fixings that are sponsored by clinical examination, mixed together to make one of a kind definitions you will not discover elsewhere. That is the reason you will see licensed types of different fixings in large numbers of our items. In the event that a fixing is in a Purity Products supplement, it was picked to give you the most ideal wholesome experience.

Important information


Nutrient A (as Beta Carotene), Vitamin C (as PureWay-C ascorbic corrosive), nutrient D3 (as cholecalciferol), nutrient e (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate), Thiamine(thiamine HCI), riboflavin, niacin(niacinamide), nutrient b6 (as pyridoxine HCI), folate, nutrient b12 (as methylcobalamin), biotin, pantothenic acid(as calcium d-pantothenate), iodine(as potassium iodide), magnesium(as magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide), zinc(as zinc methionine), selenium, chromium(as chromium picolinate), spectra dissemination support blend[coffee bean extricate, green tea leaf separate, broccoli sprout powder, onion bulb remove, apple natural product remove, acerola organic product extricate, quercetin, tomato natural product powder, broccoli florets and stem powder, camu organic product powder, cabbage palm(acai) berry powder, turmeric root powder, garlic bulb powder, basil leaf powder, oregano leaf powder, cassia bark powder, carrot root powder, European senior natural product powder, mangosteen organic product powder, dark currant natural product separate, blueberry natural product extricate, sweet cherry organic product powder, blackberry natural product powder, raspberry organic product powder, aronia prunifolia natural product powder, spinach leaf powder, collards leaf powder, bilberry organic product separate, brussels sprout powder], citrus bioflavonoid strip powder, grape seed remove, quercetin(as quercetin dihydrate), lutein, LactoSpore bacillus coagulans, boron(as boron citrate), BioPerine(from dark pepper natural product separate), zeaxanthin. Different Ingredients: stearic corrosive, microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, veget


Take 3 tablets day by day with a supper (or separation during the day). FOR DAILY USE.

Legal Disclaimer

*These enunciations have not been surveyed by the Food and Drug Administration. These things are not intended to examine, treat, fix or hinder any disease.

Enunciations concerning dietary improvements have not been surveyed by the FDA and are not relied upon to dissect, treat, fix, or thwart any contamination or clinical issue